Fall asleep better: These 7 tips will help you!

Fall asleep better: These 7 tips will help you!

Fall asleep better: These 7 tips will help you!

Falling asleep better - that's what everyone who lies awake for a long time at night wants. With our 7 tips, you'll finally find it easier to get a restful night's sleep.

Fall asleep better - switch off stress

Many people have problems sleeping well at night. They turn restlessly from side to side in bed, stare constantly at the clock and lose themselves in worrying thoughts. So sleeping then becomes all the more impossible. But what can be done to help us fall asleep again? And what are the consequences of poor sleep on our health?

Sleep disorders rob us of energy

If falling asleep and staying asleep become impossible in the long run, this can affect our health: We suffer from fatigue throughout the day, the body is running on empty, concentration problems occur. And the next night we lie awake again - because we secretly expect that we won't be able to sleep again, or that we won't be able to sleep well. In the long run, poor sleep can promote diseases such as depression.

Fall asleep better: With these tips

Do we want to fall asleep better, a few tips and home remedies for sleep problems can help us! The following methods can help:

Switch to sleep mode at least two hours before sleeping. The TV and cell phone are now off the air - and should be banned from the bedroom.
Avoid caffeinated drinks from the afternoon onwards. This includes coffee and cola, for example.
Relax in the evening with a book or quiet music before you go to sleep.
A valerian bath relaxes: add 100 grams of crushed valerian root to two liters of hot water, strain after ten minutes and add the infusion to the bath.
Concentration and relaxation exercises such as autogenic training can also be helpful for sleeping.
The optimal bedroom temperature for most people is 15 to 18 degrees. In addition, noise and light sources interfere with healthy sleep - so the bedroom should be well darkened and quiet.
You should always go to bed at the same time - this helps the sleep-wake rhythm and keeps you healthy.
Exercise three times a week for at least 30 minutes. A combination of strength and endurance training is best.

Fall asleep better with the right diet

We can also ensure that we sleep better with the right diet. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Don't eat fatty, rich meals in the evening if you want to sleep well. Easily digestible meals are better.
It is also better to avoid wine, schnapps or beer, because alcohol makes you tired but disturbs your natural sleep rhythm.
Teas made from herbs such as valerian or hops gently soothe and help with sleep disorders. After two to four weeks of regular use, you will notice that you can relax better.
The following teas will help you fall asleep better:

Valerian: Pour a cup of boiling water over two teaspoons of crushed valerian root, cover and steep for five minutes, then strain. Drink several cups at a time. Valerian does not taste good, so it is recommended to mix in lemon balm and passionflower herb.
Hops: Pour a cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of hop flowers, cover and steep for ten minutes, then strain. Drink a cup at noon and in the evening for easier sleep.
Lavender: For good sleep, pour two teaspoons of lavender flowers over a cup of boiling water, cover and steep for ten minutes and strain. Drink one cup several times a day .
Lemon balm: Pour two teaspoons of lemon balm leaves over one cup of boiling water, cover and steep for five minutes and strain. Drink one cup several times a day.

Professional support against sleep problems
Professional support (e.g. family doctor, psychologist) is necessary if you still cannot sleep better after a maximum of four weeks despite home remedies and relaxation exercises. Because sometimes sleep problems are a sign of a previously undetected illness such as:

Heart and lung diseases
High blood pressure
Certain medications (such as appetite suppressants) and alcohol abuse can also trigger sleep disorders.

And how do I get out of bed better after sleeping?

You can fall asleep better now, but have trouble getting up in the morning? Then these tips can also help you:

Think of a small reward for getting up - treat yourself to your favorite sandwich spread or a cup of coffee in the sun, for example.
Set your alarm clock out of reach.
Turn on the light as soon as you wake up, even if it seems bright. This will help your body adjust to the day.
Reading tips: Find out why healthy sleep is so important here. We also reveal more great tips on how to fall asleep and what helps against insomnia.


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